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  1. Success!! While following my plan of attack of separating the ignition from the rest of the quad's wiring I swapped out the CDI box with an inexpensive dirt cheap Chinese Ebay replacement just to see if a difference could be seen BEFORE springing for a proper OEM item and wonders of wonders I hit upon the defective part....... sparks a flyin :) lol. So luckily what I ultimately ended up having to replace was the ignition switch and upper HT coil (which both were in dodgy condition to begin with) and the CDI box just mentioned. Going about it methodically and using the wiring diagra
  2. Thanks John, no continuity on the yellow/red wire coming from the CDI box to ground when off....... yes when switched on so it's working ok. Found a service manual online with the correct wiring diagram from the early magneto type ignition (Bay-E download). Gonna separate the ignition from the rest of the wire harness to hopefully narrow down the players in this problem, by giving the cdi and ignition coil their own stand alone ground and eliminating the yellow red kill switch wire I can then see if the CDI, source, pick up and the ignition coils are working...... IF I STILL have no spark
  3. This is the machine I have, it's dark now so no pics but this the exact one from Google......... the registration reads date first sold '88 and the tenth digit in the vin is a J so yes it's an '88. Decal says 220 so I'm gonna go with that
  4. Sure, I don't have the stator cover off but you can clearly see it's a 2 yellow wire alternator ( as opposed to the later 3 wire type ) with another 2 wires for the source coils (black & red wires ). The pick up coil wires are blue & black and the last pic is the connectors at the CDI box...... 2 pair of 2 wire and a 3 wire. thanks!
  5. Looking closer at that diagram Frank I think that's a later one that uses battery 12v power to fire the igniton, I don't see the two source coils near the stator and it looks like there is 12v going into the CDI box. My '88 has 2 yellow AC leads from the stator/altenator and 2 other black and red leads from the source coils in the stator like this pic shows.
  6. Thanks for the reply Frank, that diagram is just what I was after. Ok I will go through your questions one by one: I was thinking about having a peak at the stator and pick up coils, is there oil behind that cover on the 220? I wanna be prepared with a new gasket. Yes it does crank over fine and the neutral safety is working as it will only crank with the green light lit. When I tested the ohms from the stator coils (black-red wires into the cdi box from the engine) I did test for any reading to ground and found none. Like I mentioned I believe I read 140 + - was the target for
  7. Hi all, I recently acquired an old Bayou from a neighbor that I cleaned up a got running, then from nowhere a problem crops up where it refuses to start........ I pull the plug and it has no spark, pulled the plug cap off and laid the bare wire on the exhaust header and still nothing......once in a while though when I push the starter button but as I let off the button it might spark once. Now it did begin sparking normally just once and I plugged everything back in and it ran normally again until I turned the engine off. Next time I tried starting it we were back to no spark or the one s
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