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  2. It sounds like a top end knock to me but I guess I could be wrong.
  3. Yeah I replaced the timing chain and tensioner, I double checked them when I tore into it the other day, im pretty certain that the rings were on the right way I double and triple check myself when I'm that deep into a motor.
  4. i have a 2002 honda 400ex, i rebuilt the top end and had issues for weeks not realizing that i had lost the decompression spring and plunger. i finally got new parts and got it back together. it ran great... i took it out for a good solid run rather than just running it in the garage, i made it a good half an hour or so before there was a loud almost knocking noise then it suddenly died, after 15 minutes or so it started right up with no knocking or anything so i thought we would work our way back toward camp, after a few minutes it did the same thing, i might have made it a mile, after it co

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