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  1. Wow this forum is not a helping site. But thanks anyway. I got in and running.
  2. Has anyone done any hotcam installs on a wolverine in this forum. I really need the help so I get this machine back together to go ride this weekend. Please someone help.
  3. Hello I just recently ordered a stage 1 hot cam for my 01 wolverine 4x4. I was wondering how Iwould do the timing on it. Do I time it the same way as the factory cam are do I have to change the timing sprocket. Did not come with any instructions and I do t want to mess the head up. I have already put a big bear 400 crank and rod in it with the 400 big bear jug to make it a stroker motor. Its now bored 60 over and I just put the wiesco piston in. Just got the wolverine head out the shop from being ported and polished now trying to get the can put in and timed. These are the things done to it... The 400,stroker motor, bored 60 over, ported and polished head, wiesco piston, stage 1 hot cam, jetted, hmf exhaust, 2wd 4wd slecteable, 50 percent gear reduction, clutch kit,4 inch lift, 1 inch wheel spacers, 27 inch mud light xtr on 14 inch sti rims, snorkled. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Reed Soon as I get it back together I will have pics and videos of it.

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