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  1. just head to a Mid-South race in Tennessee, he attends a lot of them...that's where we seen him! He rides a Kawi dirtbike!
  2. still to this day the muddiest, messiest race I've ever done...and it just so happened to be my first...LOL
  3. LOL that was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day.....but thanks!
  4. oh and pete, if i remember correctly, i broke down--lost my clutch
  5. it is a tough track....especially cause its so damn cold out too....
  6. a little is an understatement, sir. LOL : )
  7. LMAO!!! Don't feel bad, it happens to other dudes too
  8. thanks, it was at the Unadilla GNCC race last year
  9. thanks i'm reallllllllllllly proud of it!!
  10. quadnut------i'm no dude lmao.......chicks can sling dirt too :-D and thanks everone else
  11. do I look like Dorey? just keep swimming, just keep swimming...lmao
  12. bahah, can you believe it did NOT blow that race?
  13. love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him!
  14. Redsquirrel


    LMAO, that was the holeshot!!
  15. 400ex's rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk those holeshots
  16. we had a blast, it was a buddy race, so we shared hte seat time
  17. if i remember right it was like 35 degrees that morning...made for a veryyyyyyyyyyyy cold creek!
  18. yes, my husby is a cheeseball sometimes lmao
  19. well, you see, when the line in front of her went, I got plastered iwth mud....the perk of being the pit bitch LMAO

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