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  1. Right here goes I have a yamaha grizzly 125 2006 the starter just spins. I have replaced the one way clutch and a good second hand starter that I know works cause it came off my mates quad. When I press the button the big cog at the back spins to the left is this right way. Also what does the primary clutch do in the starting could this be the problem. How it happened I was out knocked it off and just would not start I've been months fiddling with it so please help????????
  2. I have a yamaha grizzly125 went out the other day and was running fine knocked it off and it won't restart the starter is just spinning so I replaced the one way clutch still no good if I turn the engine over manually the piston still doesn't go up and down but both sides of the crank are spinning does anyone have any idea help???

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