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  2. It's a 91 mate, lt50 quad runner. I went for it this afternoon & pulled the wheel & shaft cover, such a simple brake setup, much simpler than I was expecting... Drum was full of mud, no wonder they weren't working properly! Also fabricated a set of foot guards to stop his wee feet slipping under the wheels when they come off the pegs. Would still appreciate a manual if somebody's got one incase I need to do more in depth work! Cheers
  3. Thanks for the reply, the only manual I can find on the forum that's even close is for the lt 80 but that has hydraulic brakes, my boy's lt50 has a single drum in the middle of the rear axle with what I presume will be cable operated shoes. Can't post a pic yet as I haven't stripped the brakes yet.... Is it just a case of stripping down the back axle to get into the drum? Or am I missing something simpler?
  4. Thanks in advance for any advice given! My 4 year old has been driving his lt50 with his hand on the brake & burnt out them out.....can anyone point me in the right direction to get a shop manual for it or even just advise how to get into the drum to replace the shoes? Cheers!!
  5. Hello to all From Scotland! new to the site & just thought id say Hi!!!

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