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  2. Geocaching is a online Treasure hunt with caches all across the world to get a better understanding go to www.geocaching.com and check it out I have a RAM mount on both my ATVs w/power and when I am out riding I can download the whole trail system where I am riding for example I went to Bend Oregon and downloaded the whole riding area 312 Miles of trails and it would show the Geocaches along the way so I would stop and get them combing 2 sports, the Montana is waterproof and has a very large screen. Sure you can use a car GPS, and put a bag over it, but I'm not into Cheesy, make shift crap. I believe in the right tool for the right job. Also allows you to see where you have ridden, comes in handy for night riding when all the intersections look the same, you can just follow your crumb trail back to your truck.
  3. Yes they are very accurate much better then a Cell Phone, That is a great price it was $600 when I bought it I don't go ATV riding without it. I do geocaching as well and with over 30,000 finds it is the GPS to own I have 2 of them. I don't go riding without it.
  4. Ajmboy, thanks for the move will try to pay more attention next time.
  5. I live in Vancouver Washington but don't have many riding options so I head to Bend Oregon there is a ATV park called East Fort Rock that offers 315 Miles of trails. I have flexibility to ride during the week (which I prefer) rather then weekends if anyone wants to ride let me know I can be reached at [email protected] it is about a 3hr drive but I don't mind making it as long as the Government Camp pass is not snowing or iced in.
  6. Yes I use a Garmin Montana 650T when I ride.
  7. Have a 2015 Outlander Can Am Max 1000 XT 2up want to put Bighorns on it but they dont make em for the size ATV came with which is F 26X8X12 B 26X10X12 will the bighorns work with no issues they are F 26X9X12 B 26X12X12 little wider Scubasonic

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