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  1. Ok so I have a Yamaha big bear that will not spark a lick. Ive checked everything I know to check on this thing can cant locate the problem. The only way I can get it to start and run is to jump the two back wires coming off the key switch theres 4 wires on the key switch. If I jump them two it will start and run great but it will not die when I turn the switch off the only way I can kill the motor is to turn the engine stop/run switch off. If it was mine id run the heck out of it that way but its a older friend of mine and I would rather have the key switch operating correctly. I have already replaced the key switch with 2 different switches and it does the same thing. I have also replaced the cdi and still has not changed anything. I would highly appreciate any advise I am at a lost on this thing. thanks
  2. Ok so I have a recon 250 that will not idle. It will rev up and go as long as u don't let it idle it will run fine. Fist thought to everyone I know would be the idle jet. Cleaned the carb and put a kit in it while I was there. Changed the spark plug as well. These carbs have that fuel cut off vacuum valve on it. If I take the line that's coming from the intake and plug it off it will idle just fine with no problem. I know its not how its pos to be but I just cant figure anything out on it. Im at a lost. Any suggestions would be appreciated. O Ive already checked the valves and also adjusted the air. Its got to be something with the vacuum operated valve whatever it is or does... Thanks.

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