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  2. Hi everyone, I am an emergency physician and I'm writing a chapter on ATV injuries for a Wilderness Medicine textbook (here's the link to the previous edition if you're interested.) I am asking for your help for photographs for the chapter. Here's what I need: 1) Photos of different types of ATVs 2) Photos of these ATVs in action 3) Photos of these ATVs crashing 4) Photos of injuries that occurred as a result of these crashes. If you have copies of the x-rays or CT scans that were obtained due to these injuries, all the better. I do not stand to profit from these images whatsoever. I don't get paid to write the chapter, nor do I receive any royalties from the book sales. All I get is an electronic copy of the book. Thus, I can't offer you any type of remuneration for the photos, but if I use one of your pics I can email you a .pdf of the photo in the chapter once it is published. Also, I can credit you in the book, e.g. "Photo courtesy of John Doe." Needless to say, you'll have to consent to the photo and your likeness to be reproduced in the book-- no worries, no lawyers or fancy paperwork involved. You can email the photos directly to [email protected], or PM me if needed. Thanks so much in advance for your help! Todd

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