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  1. thanks for the thoughts figured it ran to good when it ran but it was all a game . checked compression by finger since my compresson gauge was never returned ( dont lend tools out of site lol) Found head gasket leaking just enough that oil in gas must of sealed it to run. Anyway ordered new parts will find out next week if this is all thats left. Thanks for your help i jogging my brain
  2. going to check pipe today when it runs it seems to put out plenty but its cold doesnt seem to get hot like most of them
  3. I have been trying to get this suzuki to run right it starts great and idles for about 1 or two minutes. Carb rebuilt,new reed assembly,new fuel tank valve. everytime you give it a little gas it falls dead. Tried all I know but lost has a goose, only thing I havent done is a new spark plug but it seems to spark good when I check it. Alls I need now is a stick of dynomite and a match. Please any ideas you can direct me in I would appreciate Iam to old to loose any more brain cells on this Thanks All

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