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  1. Hi folks, I recently purchased I believe an 02 Kodiak 4 x 4 it was stored outside, put a new battery in it still nothing kept playing around with the shifter suddenly the neutral light came on and it cranked right over no problem few days later same issue this time I can’t get the light to come on anything common I should be looking for ?
  2. Show me a pair of aftermarket for a 2002 KODIAK !!!!!! I've found NONE FOR THAT YEAR NEW !!!!!!!!!!!,that's why I'm here looking for help
  3. Not interested in used but thank you for the offer , There are tons of shocks......just not for a 02 Kodiak....
  4. I didn’t see shocks listed on Motorsport
  5. Seems impossible to find a pair of front shocks for my 02 Yamaha Kodiak,newer or older listings are they the same as a big bear ? Factory are $245 each !!! Any help appreciated
  6. RCNY1


  7. Looking for someone reasonable ,HONEST and experienced to rebuild a 2002 Yamaha big bear 400 2 wd

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