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  1. i have a 2003 predator 500 and would like to get a set of studded wheels/tires for ice ridding this winter i found on craigslist a good deal on wheels and tires off a raptor 700 i was just wonder if they would bolt up...

    or even if anyone knew the predator lug pattern so i could find the raptor lug pattern to see if they match

    thanks in advance!

    i actually found this very usefull website but it looks like only the front would bolt up =(


  2. well when i bought my quad my buddy had broke the ignition when it was rolled

    yea i know sucks right

    but it runs and drives fine the like cluster w. the key and temp and neutral light its just smashed so i took it off

    but i wanted to put a tether kill switch in for a key

    right now i just have the 2 red wires crossed and its always on if i hit the kill switch it shuts it off so the battery wont die

    anyways i took the tether kill switch off my blaster (2 stroke) and went to put it on my 2003 predator (4 stroke) and they work the opposite =(

    when the tether is pulled on the 2 stroke it makes a connection (im guessing short to ground) which kills the ignition but on the predator it needs to make an open cause these 2 wires need to have power flowing through them to have the ignition on

    so i ask has anyone installed a tether kill switch on there 4 stroke? and any tips

    or does anyone have acces to a wiring diagram for a predator ignition

    sry for such a long post:confused:

  3. i have an 02 king quad and its an 300 i think when the came out with the new king quads they were 700 and they made 500 vinsons i could be wrong tho

    regardless i have mud lite xls and they are insaine i NEVER get stuck int eh mud but if you want a more all around tire i suggest the big horn radials






  4. i forgot to say i ride in the snow alot

    well you guys are all telling me different things haha which is better the gnccs or razr2

    i belive i have razr2s at the moment and there shot but do alright for worn tires i suppose

    anyone know anything about these irazrs?

  5. for my predator i need 20x11x10 inch tires

    i ride mostly trails and some mud but i dont need mudlites lol i have them on my king quad

    and i like to hammer tracks ocasion and recently rode in a sand pit that was sick!

    but im looking for a great all around tires that will be good in the woods/trails and not clean out my wallet

    im thinking the i razrs i read good reviews on them or holshot hds cause all my friends have them and love em

    what do you guys think thanks

  6. i just got a 2003 predator 500

    its got a k/n filter and the polaris pure pipe so im guna assume its jetted to go along with those

    i gota couple questions how often do i need to change the oil on this thing

    i adjusted the rear chain and cranked those two bolts to tighten the carrier, and rode for a good 5 hours and it was loose by the end of the day, i was thinking of making a wood wedge or something to prevent the axle for rotating back to the loose position (hard to explain sorry)

    and lastly that polaris pure exhaust sounds good but is just a little too loud i know some exhausts have like adjustable baffles you can take out or add more can i quite this thing down without having to buy another silencer?

    thing goes like a raped ape i love it!!!!

  7. ive seen em in magizines they are called slipper clutches

    you can ride it like a semi auto or manual clutch and hinson does make em i belive

    but stm italy ceb is the company that puts em in bikes all the time

    but its called a slipper clutch so search that and do some research

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