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  2. I have a 2003 Yamaha Beartracker 250. A few days ago I decided I'd ride it down to a friend's house a couple miles down the road. I had done it before so I didn't think I was taking any risks. As I was headed down the road in 5th gear, I usually don't push the throttle all the way down, but with a car coming behind me, I had to push it down all the way in 5th gear for 3 or 4 seconds. All the sudden I lost all power and stalled into a driveway. The battery was completely dead so I charged it up for 15 minutes and it was good to go as could be. When I try to start it, it will turn over and over but there's no combustion. The spark is good. The I've tried spraying carb spray into the carbeurator and air filter. No results. Any suggestions? I've tried researching the problem since and have found nothing.

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