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  1. My 14 year old son wanted to upgrade his quad, so he posted his for sale on Craigslist. Thief asked us to meet at 3960 east 188th street Cleveland, used bogus phone‭ (234) 804-6149. Foolishly, when he asked to drive it we said ok, since it was broad daylight, but he took off and didn’t come back. African American male with braids and neck tattoos on both sides around 20. The post Yellow Yamaha 2005 YFZ450 appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  2. Got home. It was gone. Needed breaks so we’re sure it was someone who knew that. Was made into two seater. Wasn’t made that way. The post Stolen Polaris 450 2 seater appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  3. STOLEN ATV: Honda ATV 4-Wheeler

    Our red Honda ATV was stolen along with the trailer that carried it. There was a “United We Stand” sticker on the back of the ATV. There was also a large, black, locked storage box on the front rack. We discovered that it was stolen on 9/28/17. The padlock on the tie-cord had been drilled loose. The post Honda ATV 4-Wheeler appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  4. Stolen from a locked enclosed cargo trailer at the Extra Space Storage facility on Industry Lane in Frederick, Maryland. Identifying information include racing number 53 on plastic, a CT Racing pipe, red wheels, a red clutch cover, red bumpers front and rear, red oil and radiator tubes, aluminum nerfs, flat track tires. Well known to AMA flat track community in Pennsylvania. The post Stolen 2009 Yamaha YFZ450R appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  5. STOLEN ATV: Polaris trailblazer

    Quad was for sale at end of my driveway and stolen overnight after cutting lock that had cable to pole The post Polaris trailblazer appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  6. PLEASE SHARE – – – – – – – – Tuesday MORNING 09/12/17 between 1:30 AM – 2:00am, (2) golf carts were stolen from our lot. Any information or leads are appreciated and should be reported to Richmond County Sheriff’s office. AGC is offering a reward to anyone that can provide solid info and leads to the recovery. The one cart pictured has not been recovered. Description include – – Bright White S4 (KW) front cowl, LX rear Bright White Body, Black front brushguard, 4″ OEM Drop Axle Lift Kit, 80″ Black Top with Black Trim Band, Black OEM Seat Covers, AGC Rear Seat Kit (MudFlaps built into Rear Foot Plate), 2017 Powertron Black 8V Batteries, 14″ Machined / Black Maverick “Vampire” Wheels with 23x10x14 Backlash Tires. (Serial Number) This cart is unique, and will stand out as not many carts are solid white in this body style, have a all black long top, and black 8v batteries…. This cart will possibly have damage to the roof and brush guard due to the escape route.. However the entire cart should be in like new condition. This cart did not have a charger, so if you own a golf car business be aware of customers looking for just a charger and nothing else. The post STOLEN WHITE S4 LIFTED EZGO TXT GOLF CART – BLACK SEATS – BLACK TOP appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  7. We went to bed and a dark colored pick up, with an aluminum trailer entered our neighborhood. They removed our ATV from our yard and drove off with it. We have neighbors security footage of the vehicle and trailer, we are waiting on more footage from another neighbor. The post ATV Stolen from our yard appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  8. My 12 year old son worked and saved up his hard earned money to buy his ATV and Dirt Bike. Yet both were stolen out of his grandparents garage. Now his has no money and nothing to show for working and saving so hard! His heart is literally broken over this,as well as mine for him.please help me find the low life’s who did this to my child and please help to bring back my sons hard earned things. He’s a very, very good child,who is an innocent victim. Please give me ANY information u might come across! I would greatly appreciate any kind of help u may give me. We would be forever greatful! ! Thank u so much! The post STOLEN 2016 Tao Tao ( green and black – with motocross logo stickers on it) 125cc ATV appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  9. Surveillance camera footage show’s 4 guys in a white Millennium Landscaping truck, cutting all the locks, hooking up to the trailer, and driving off. Report was filed. The trailer was recovered the next day, (by my husband), and that’s as far as it went. Paterson police failed to acquire a search warrant for the property and surrounding area. The supervisor of the detective’s office was never notified about the theft. We are offering a $500.00 cash reward (upon recovery) leading to the return of our property. Thank you, Mike & Roxann. The post 2016 John Deere Utility Vehicle (gator) appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  10. STOLEN ATV: Polaris Thief

    Someone took my Polaris Ranger 4×4 gray seats, snow plow was still on it, 2-20′ log chains in the back. My wife got this for my birthday a couple of years ago. it has a couple of unique markings to Identifying it. there is a 45-70 bullet hole in the center of the back seat with tape over it BUTT the hole also is thru the metal post as well with tape over it to keep from cutting your fingers The post Polaris Thief appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  11. Crack heads broke into my cabin and barn on July 24 or 25th. 2016 Polaris was stolen from the barn at that time. The post Stolen 2016 Polaris 570 appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  12. Stolen from behind my house where it was covered and chained to the trailer it was on. It happened between 12am and 4:30am. It’s titled and registered. I Can’t afford a reward but I hope someone will still turn it in if found. The pictures aren’t very good but that’s all I have. Thanks The post 1985 Suzuki lt250r Quadracer appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  13. Well we are in the process of moving and we come to the house and the shed is broken into and all three four wheelers are gone and then they broke into our house and stole a bunch of stuff but the main problem is the four-wheelers especially the child’s he was heartbroken it was his first four wheeler and it was from his grandpa for his birthday. And currently since we just moved we don’t have enough money to go and get the poor little guy a new one and neither does his grandpa. The post Stole 3 four wheelers and one was a young child’s whom is heart broken appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  14. We had our 3 atvs loaded up (2007 Suzuki KingQuad, 2017 Suzuki KingQuad, & 2017 Polaris General), strapped down to our 20′ Maxey trailer & ready to head to Colorado. We parked the trailer in our driveway at 9:30pm Thursday 7/13/17, which was also hooked to our truck & backed into our driveway. Someone tried to pull our truck forward to get enough room to get the trailer out. That didn’t work, so they ran into the side of our truck and pushed it over approx. 2′. They unhooked the spare tire from the trailer, which is at the front of the trailer to make more room to get the trailer hitched. They left with the trailer that had the 3 atvs on it damaging our yard and 2 neighbors yards getting out. We did get the 2007 Suzuki recovered. They were last seen in Kansas City, KS. The post 2017 Polaris General 1000, 2017 Suzuki KingQuad 750, 20′ Maxey Trailer appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  15. STOLEN ATV: 2007 HONDA 400 EX

    Quad was stolen from our home on July 16th. My son bought and paid for it himself. It is his transportation to and from work. We believe it was stolen from someone who lives in the area and knew it was there. Nothing else was stolen from the shed. The post 2007 HONDA 400 EX appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article