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  2. Joevee1446, very well said. I am libertarian now. democrats and republicans are two cheeks of the same butt. There is no party of the people, for the people. It is the people vs the government.
  3. I like Trump. He gets it. The biggest problem in America is government... way too much of it and way too much corruption. People say we should join the rest of the world on healthcare and get universal, government run health care. We already have that for the veterans. It is a disaster. Why copy the rest of the world when America had the best health care, best education, highest paying jobs, highest standard of living...in the world. We had limited government. Since the 60s government has grown like a cancer and changed all that. We are no longer limited government. Hillary is the epitome of what is wrong with America. She is a lifetime politician. She has been selling out Americans to enrich herself for 30 years now. She is a criminal that should be prosecuted (for destroying evidence, her emails, in an investigation into her corruption). It is sad how many people want bigger government and less freedoms. They have been conned into thinking the government makes our lives better. What would make our lives much better is if we got to keep more of the money we earned and the companies can do the same.

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