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  2. Yep wildthang and dieljeeper hit the nail on the head. finally realizing it's a clutch issue. This machine sat for many years. Just ordered a new belt to see what difference it will make. I pulled secondary and cleaned it but not the primary yet. I am going to wait until I check with new belt. At a LOW idle the secondary spins too fast. Can even hold it in place (which at a low idle you would think belt would be loose enough). Since this machine sat so long I was just going to try and start it and ride it a little to see if that would change things but you can't even put it in gear (engine off)and start it. Just wants to jump forward
  3. Thank you for the reply but more problems than I imagined. Will not go into forwrad or reverse. You can hear gears trying to engage but won't. If you push the shift lever forward hard it goes into forward but jumps forward HARD and quits. Low will engage but does the same thing as far as jumping forward hard and stalling. My dads '98 Sportsman 500 shifts into gear easily and will only move when given throttle. This machine jumps forward so hard it's scary.
  4. I just acquired a 1994 Polaris Sportsman 400 that sat in a shed for YEARS. After doing some heavy cleaning and carb rebuild it fired right up. The problem I am having is that when it is running and you try to engage into either forward or reverse it starts stumbling bad and quits running. When in neutral it purrs like a kitten. This has me stumped. Acts like the ignition wants to cut out when engaging gears. Any ideas what to look for? Thank you

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