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  2. Ok, now another issue. I can't win. It turns over fine but won't start. I hold my hand over the intake of the carb and then it will fire up fine and run. Supposidly the carb was just rebuilt. What should I be looking for? Thanks!
  3. I traced it back to my ignition switch went bad. Had power in and not out when the key was on. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm working on a 2001 Trailblazer. It wouldn't start and found the top end needed to be rebuilt. Took care of that last week and put it back together. Now I have no power to anywhere. The battery is chargerd and the the cables have good connection. I turn on the key and have nothing, no lights and it won't turnover. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Firefritz

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