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  1. I need advice - how can I turn the engine over to make sure its not seized up? I got the quad (VIN says it a 1989) to my garage and pressure washed it. I bought a HF 8" puller and finally got the stuck brake drum off. What did the trick was I unbolted the brake cylinders from the rear. This allowed the shoes to somewhat collapse on the inside and release the drum. I'm hoping I don't need new cylinders - $120 each - yikes. Now I'm struggling with getting a rear brake rotor off the splined axle. I've got it soaking in PB Blaster and I'm applying as much pull as I dare with the puller. Every now
  2. Will do. I'm in process of getting the ATV to my garage where I can work on it during the winter. Brakes are locked up and can't get tranny into neutral. This Sunday, I've got some guys that will help me get it onto a trailer for transport. In the meantime, I've got the VIN as JY43HNAC3KC002732 which decodes as a 1989 model. From this, I'll order a manual and get to troubleshooting the brake and neutral problem.
  3. Thanks all for the advice and the manual. I got some PB blaster and will spray liberally. My 1st step is to get it to my garage from my Father-in-Law's - 60 miles. It will be tricky getting it on a trailer since brake drums are frozen and if I can't get it into neutral. Once in the garage, I can work on in an enclosed area.
  4. Helping my Father-in-Law get his 1987 (I think) Big Bear 350 running so he can sell it. I can't get it into neutral (or don't know how) so I can pressure wash it before starting repairs. See photo. Clutch is hard to operate. I clicked down on the shift pedal to what I think is 1st then pulled up one click, but it's still in gear. The brake drum is stuck and the electrical system needs tracing out. How can I get it in neutral or just get the wheels rolling?
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