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  2. I have not yet changed that part but would this come on after 5-10 minutes or right away if it was faulty? Also, the hose at the top of the engine is hot and the bottom one is cold. Could it be anything else? Thanks again for your help!
  3. Is this sensor on the engine or the rad itself? Also, would this sensor cause the engine to overheat or just cause the fan to turn on and off? If the fan is on the entire time it should not be overheating still.
  4. The fan runs the entire time when the key is on. I assume it is overheating because after a short period of time the HOT light comes on.
  5. Hey all - I am new to the forums but I hope you can help and in the future I can return the favour. I have a 1991 Trail Boss 350L 2x4 that is running hot after being on for about 10 minutes. I have checked the coolant - levels good. Burped the coolant using the 10mm bolt on top of the engine - good. The fan however was bypassed from the censor on the rad directly to power when the key is turned. Now I am thinking that may be the issue or a faulty water pump. (The hose at the top of the engine is hot but the one at the bottom and to the rad is cold). Any further suggestions or recommendations on previous attempts are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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