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  1. Tom T.

    Tom T.

  2. davefrombc thanks for your help.
  3. Ok I will check that out and follow the diagram you sent me. Thanks buddy
  4. There is a screw plug right by it and it's tight. The diagram shows that tube goes to a clear tube does .that tuibe go back to the the fuel tank? It don't say where it goes to other than a clear tube. Thanks for the post
  5. On the bottom of my carb there is a vent line and I have no idea where it hooks up. It's poring out gas weather it's running or not. I have a plastic bottle to catch the gas out of it. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a free service manual that I can download on my computer. I have tried the sites that some of you listed and they won't work. PLEASE HELP
  7. Guess I'm screwed cause there is no place on the petcock to hook it up. Besides I have to tear it back down because I have only 30 psi compression. But thanks for your help
  8. I have an '04 trailblazer 250 and have a problem with the vac. lines on it. One goes from side of carb to the bowl, Where does the other end go/ next there is a port next to where the choke cable screws into the carb. the line was melted when I got it and have no idea where it goes. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks guys

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