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    Hi all - new here. Just getting into ATVs, & can't find enough info to make an informed decision. I want a 500, 4X4, auto, shaft drive, IFS, 4 wheel disc brakes, & the AC seems to be my best bet. Does the AC use belts within its case? I guess I'm looking for firsthand experience w/ the AC ATVs - no "I know this guy that knew this guy that had problems" internet forum stuff. I'm very mech inclined, so am confident I can fix anything that might break. I'll add a winch & little else. I'll mostly use it for trail riding, to follow my little wild man around on his ATV, but would like one I won't have to worry about abusing if the opportunity presents itself. There's a club not too far from my house & I know most of the guys there. Some have "heard" that the ACs aren't worth my time, but I'd rather hear someone's personal experience over second hand info. Thanks in advance for the help.