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  1. i have a 1989 honda fourtrax 300 fulltime 4x4. and im prettyy sure i need a rearend its a shaft drive. i was doing some trail riding i hit a jump and when i hit the ground i still had the throttle held. as soon as i hit i heard a bad noise, then the rearend started clicking i pulled over and took my adjustable outta my bag and ttok off the rear plug and noticed alot of metal shavings in it, it now clicks non stop and if you go up a steep hill it looses all power and wont pull its self kinda like a clutch slip but its comin from the rear some one please help me im pretty sure im gonna need a new rear end. i live in central ky some one please help asap
  2. im live in the lexington area well about 10 from lexington in the next country over
  3. ya thats prob. what ill do... thanx everybody i know it was an elementary question but thanks
  4. well if i did this right a picture will show lol this is before the new plastics, seat, and tires. it also here still has the old metal foot guards on it wish it had those back... but its ok i geuss what do you all think? i didnt think it was bad for 1000 bucks with all the new parts
  5. maybe there not called that but i think so is a bar with a net on it for the foot peg. i think thats what there called
  6. i talked to a buddy of mine here in ky and he said his does that to so i dont know????
  7. i dont know how to post up pipcs but i could email them tou someone and they could post them for me if they would like.
  8. well thanks everybody.. ya im pretty mechanically inclined but its on cars ive never really dont anything on four wheelers
  9. i took my 1987 honda trx 300 4x4 out today threw some creeks and mud it did fine for about the first hour then it all of a sudden got real hot and started steaming i no the water would make it steam but it wasnt like a water steam or an oil smoke it was just like a light steam coming up threw the plastic around the handle bars just wanting to know if i should be worried. it still drove fine and had all of the power it was just steaming. i shut it off for about 5 min then it did fine the rest of the time. thanx Andrew
  10. nice pics im gonna have to go down there and try some trails.
  11. its a 1987 4x4 and thanx i looked for about an hour and couldnt find anything

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