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  1. Hi, So the threaded portion of the output shaft where the sprocket nut goes stripped while riding, and no more threads are left. I tried rethreading, but was not successful. So now my only option is to replace the shaft. I can't find any videos on YouTube on how to replace this shaft. All I find are videos on engine tear downs. The thing I am not sure of is if I need to take apart everything I see in these engine tear down videos. I read the service manual, but it doesn't tell you how to remove the output shaft from a put together engine. It tells you how to remove it from the gesrcase, which then I don't know what exactly I have to remove to get to that. So can someone tell me exactly what will need to be removed to allow myself access to removing the output shaft? Thanks by by the way my atv is a 2001 Yamaha warrior 350
  2. Thank you! If rethreading doesn't work, then I suppose I have no other choice but to go into the engine. I also thought about welding a thread insert on the shaft, this way I can still get new sprockets on and off, but not sure how well that would work
  3. Hi, I have a 2001 Yamaha warrior 350. Yesterday when I was riding, the nut that holds the front sprocket came off, and after closer inspection I saw that the threads on the output shaft that holds the nut were stripped. They were stripped down to nothing. So I am wondering if I can just re tap this shaft for a slightly smaller nut, and call that good to hold the sprocket? I would much rather do this than to have to replace the entire shaft and take apart the engine. If I can do this, is there any specific thread type (coarse or fine, right hand, left hand, etc.) I should use? Or will this not work and I am best off replacing the whole shaft? One thing I should mention is that we were able to drill through the shaft about a third of the way pretty easily, but then all of the sudden we couldn't drill no more. Could this shaft possible be hardened only at the core, so that I will the be able to rethread it for a different nut? Thanks for the help
  4. Hi, I bought a 2001 yamaha warrior 350 recently. I went to go tighten the chain, as it was very loose. I did everything as I should. I loosened the upper and lower carrier hub nuts, and adjusted the adjuster bolts. However, no matter what I did the chain would not get tighter, nor would it get looser. What could the issue be? The chain and sprockets were just replaced by the previous owner, so thats not the issue. When the bolts are adjusted all the way in, they just touch the carrier assembly. What could my issue be that the thing won't adjust? Could it be if it wasn't in neutral? I am fairly certain i had it in neutral though. Should I unbolt the skid plate, will that cause it not to move? Thanks

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