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  1. thanks Dave, Im getting spark at the terminals but nothing beyond that. No lights, in neutral and I'll begin at the ignition switch
  2. Hi All I just picked up a kef300a. When I connect a battery and turn the key ...nothing. I havent gotten inside yet but what would be a good place to start. Rusty
  3. Oh yes, does anyone know the whereabouts of a plow, handle and hardware for this or a battery/light cover? It has the plow frame intact? It has spent its whole life outside and surprisingly runs well
  4. Hi All, I have an 87 lt4wd quadrunner 250 and the choke cable is not there, speedo is frozen, left brake handle is frozen, right brake handle and reservoir is missing but runs good and all gearing works. I'm starting with the choke install. I have the manual downloaded and printed (472pgs) It is hard to see. Any help is welcome, the first thing I did was oil and filter with front diff oil change coming up soon. Thanks RUSTY
  5. Thanks a million man

  6. Oh yes, it has a plow frame mount but unlikely I find one
  7. Hi All I just picked up an oldie but goodie. Does anyone have info on this one? Manuals or helpful hints? Its rusty but everything works and I need to find a battery headlight cover. I have to see about grease fittings, fluid changes and such. The steering is a little sloppy but 31 years old sitting around. Any info is good-a manual would be great. Thanks Rusty

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