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  2. Iv read tons of forums but most of the time it'd just people saying its normal and it may be,I'd just like to know what the heck it is. It is a little annoying when riding at full throttle BC its kinda loud and its all you can hear!I feel like its coming from the valve area but don't know how to troubleshoot it to pinpoint the sound.
  3. Yep. I changed all the fluids, spark plug,and adjusted the valves.
  4. Yes similar. I have a audio recording of it but couldn't get it to upload BC Im not good with stuff like tht but I could probably text or email it to anyone who wanted to hear it. It gets louder ad rpm's increase and doesn't matter what gear its in,hot or cold.
  5. Recently bought a sportsman 500 ho efi. has 145 hours,and there is some sort of rattling noise comining from the engine,seems to be on the right hand side,i can here it from cold start at idle and seems to get louder at higher revs espeacially riding if I hammer on it and a lot of people say that these bikes all have that noise and its normal howerever I really just want to know what it is! I changed all the fluids and spark plug. checked valve clearance and even took the bindex off and cranked with the pull rope to make sure it wasn't from the bindex.There is nothing that I can find that is loose. Any ideas?

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