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    Wayne McKenzie

    Bloody hot and dry at Goodooga and about $50,000 of burned Honda 500 quads
  2. Chasing a guru. Just replaced Camchain, tensioners 2 exhaust valves and stemseals on an 2007 Outlander 800. I bought the bike not going. It started and ran fine but after 10 minutes the enging light comes on and goes into limp mode before stopping. It is showing code 070H55. I have studied the manual and cant find it anywhere. Im in Australia and the only dealer close is an hour away and admits they dont know much about them. It also came up low oil but oil is new and full. The bike also seems to run hot but cant get enough miles the be sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks for that mate. I watched the video. I made up a tool that looks just like that one. It shows a pic in the manual. It was so tight that the 8mm shaft broke off inside, It is not stuck tight but I must have mushroomed the end and now it wont come out. I swung of mine with a knuckle bar. Really really tight. The one in the video seemed to come off easy. The Magneto came off easy. I had better go and buy another 14mm bolt and try the rattle gun but I am pretty strong and can swing harder than a rattle gun. Maybe the impact will do something. I bought this quad cheap with a busted camchain. Ive ordered both chains and guides and have already replaced two exhaust valves. I will get it going but they are a bit rare in Oz and not even the dealer near me has any experience with them so I will battle on. Thanks for your help. Ill put on a pic when its up and running. I have to have it reliable as it could let me down 30 or 40 miles from the house and give me a long walk home. If its no good Ill sell it and keep the trusty grizzly 400 that serves me well
  4. I have been trying to remove the front clutch from the crankshaft on my 2007 Outlander 800 to replace the timing chain. I have made a copy of special tool no bla bla bla but the clutch is very very tight. If I swing on it any harder I think something will break. Does this seem normal and should I just keep swinging or has someone got a handy tip to help me out. Thanks in advence
  5. Thanks mate. I was hoping to just change one chain but looks like I better change both. I bought the quad cheap so I'm prepared to spend a few bucks. I must say Ive owned a TRX Honda for 12 years and now have a 400 Grizzly and have had no issues. I might fix the Can Am and sell it as the places I use them can give you a long walk home. Thanks again
  6. Hello all. New to the forum from Australia. Ive just purchased a 2007 Outlander 800 with a broken cam chain on the front cylinder. Is this a common thing. I am just about to order the bits I need and would be interested in thoughts where I should order them from. Parts are expensive over here. I would also like to know if the retaining bolt on the magneto is RH or LH thread as my manual doesn't say. Thanks for any advice

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