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Engine code assistance please. Outlander 800

Wayne McKenzie

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Chasing a guru. Just replaced Camchain, tensioners 2 exhaust valves and stemseals on an 2007 Outlander 800. I bought the bike not going. It started and ran fine but after 10 minutes the enging light comes on and goes into limp mode before stopping. It is showing code 070H55. I have studied the manual and cant find it anywhere. Im in Australia and the only dealer close is an hour away and admits they dont know much about them. It also came up low oil but oil is new and full. The bike also seems to run hot but cant get enough miles the be sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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 I  found  a  complete list  of  Can Am   error codes  on another  forum and saved it  to  our  download  section.

Here's  the  instructions  for  pulling  the  codes.
1. Turn Ignition to Lights On position
2. Set speedometer to Engine Hours
3. Press and Hold selector button while switching the Hi-Lo beam 3 times in a row (quickly)
4. Diagnostics mode is activated now
5. Use selector button to go through codes
6. END will come up when all codes are displayed
7. To end mode hold the selector button for more than 2 seconds

Here  is the direct  link to  the error codes  in the  downloads  section.


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