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  1. Recently picked up a 2005 sportsman 800 efi. The issue it had when I bought it was really low idle and rpms wouldn't go over 4k. Top speed was only 30 mph and basically had no torque. What I found when I tore into it was. Throttle position sensor wires were broken. So I replaced the tps sensor and calibrated it, also I spliced in the upgraded obt harness for the tbap sensor and also replaced tbat sensor. It now idles almost perfect, still surges once in awhile. I also changed all fluids, replaced belt, clutch buttons seem to be good and also the clutch rollers. But I still have the same issue it has no power/torque. Rpms are currently hitting over 6k but it won't go over 30mph, acts as if that's the most it has lol Any help is appreciated