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  2. Thank you! Will do. Glad to hear it looks worth a shot with just new pedal. Thanks so much for your advice.
  3. I got it off. Just posted a new question about whether shaft is too stripped to use.
  4. Thinking of getting a new or newer pedal to slide onto this shaft but I'm afraid the shaft splines are too worn down for that and would just damage pedal. Should I replace shaft or try a new(er) pedal?
  5. It's loose now but I can't seem to slide it off the shaft. Anyone know how?
  6. I think maybe someone tried to weld the pedal onto the shaft. The shifter bottomed out in back, so I couldn't shift out of neutral. So I loosened it to turn it cc forward, then tightened it as tight as possible. Now it slips. Took the floor assembly off in order to get the pedal off the shaft to see the splines but can't slide it off, that's why I'm wondering if it got welded at some point. Look like it?
  7. You my boy davefrombc. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. I appreciate it. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, you're the only person who has replied on any of the forums I have joined just to get this simple question answered. I can't find the vin number though. I've researched where it is supposed to be but it's not anywhere I've looked. Dead end I guess. Thanks for trying anyway though!

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