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  1. Can you figure out shipping, I might be interested in those for my son's first pair. Thanks. my zip is 50010
  2. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I am Chris Sorenson(racininames). I have a 86 suzuki lt250r. I am currently rebuilding a lot of it. When I bought it I raced my buddy with a 660 raptor and kept right along side of him the whole time. Now I want to beat him so I am rebuilding the motor, also adding new rims, tires, plastic, and graydon nerfs. A little about me, I am trying to race again this year, motoworld racing is one of my sponsors which is awesome. I live in Ames, Ia. and work as a assistant manager of the parts department at a toyota, cadillac, scion dealership. Soon as I get

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