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  1. suzuki lt230e bogs down

    rebuilt carb running good able to give it full throttle. but i have other question how to us the chock i'm trouble with cold start. i had motorcycles with a van chock that close off air flow.
  2. suzuki lt230e bogs down

    I have ordered a carb rebuild kit. What is the best way to install the seat for air needle
  3. suzuki lt230e bogs down

    Thanks the carb does have build up from setting up. I taking the carburetor to work with me to give a good soaking carburetor cleaner I'll post later to let know how it goes
  4. suzuki lt230e bogs down

    have the quad running took on a test ride runs good but bogs down at about half trottle. clean carb best i could. what would be causing this. i beleave the ing timing is control by cdi. please help
  5. 90 suzuki lt230 no spark

    i have it running
  6. 90 suzuki lt230 no spark

    hello my dad had given me a 90 suzuki lt230 quadrunner. I brought it home and started working on it. Found couple of wires broken repaired them. Still have no spark. Started to testing I believe all tested ok. I think the cdi box is bad. The question I have is there a way to modify a cdi box. I have price a new one about 250 dollars. I really not wanting to that much in it at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.