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  2. Anyone know of a aftermarket replacement that will work on the 98 LT250? Those Mikuni's are pricey!
  3. Just thought i'd update. Voltage regulator did the trick. Quad is up and running.
  4. Gamedog did you ever figure out this issue? I have a 98 250 Quadrunner That's acting the same way sort of. First Suzuki and I'm stumped. Picked this thing up for the kids to ride thinking it was an easy fix. The petcock was shot and the crankcase was filled with fuel. Installed a new petcock and changed the oil and cleaned the carb. It starts and idles high with the headlight on. Turn the headlight off and the idle lowers and idles very rough. Either way it will not take throttle. When I give it throttle it falls flat on it's face. Any ideas?

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