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  1. Thanks! When I go back that way (in the next day or two) I'll pick some up.
  2. OK. Between these answers and the one I got from a Polaris dealer I located in my area (I didnt realize that we had two and I knew that one had went under) I think I'm set. Only one quick question. What should I oil the chain with. WD-40? Seems like that would be less likely to collect dirt and gum up. Thanks!
  3. Just inherited this. Runs great. Just a tad over 700 miles. But I have a few questions about it because it does not have an owners manual. Hopefully someone here can help me out. Where could I get an owner's manual? What do I use in the radiator? Regular Anti-freeze? For the oil. Any particular brand of Two Cycle you recommend? On the left side, right below the gas tank, there is a long white plastic hollow thing that has two lines and the top one says "Full". To me this looks like a radiator overfill (like on a truck) but its cracked and nothing is in it. I was told they never worried about it and just filled it through the radiator cap. Is this OK? Or should I replace that? And if I can fill it through the radiator, how full should I fill it? The front brakes squeak while your driving this. Is this normal? If not, how can I fix it? I was told once you can tow a small trailer behind ATVs (like for yard work) but how would you do that? There is no place to hitch anything like a garden tractor (which I know this is not. LOL). It would be nice to be able to have that option while out on the rifle range. OH! Also. Since I really dont know what kind of care this got before I got it. Is there anything I should check right off like filters or lubing or any other maintainance type stuff? Thanks in advance for your help! Mac

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