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  1. Yes it's been fun. But I can say it dose ride and run good the old carburetor was missing a lot of parts but I did make it work to ride but the carburetor I have now Yes it is new but as far as the pomble I have didn't start till I put battery on before I would kick start it it would run just had to play with carburetor that's why I got a new one
  2. I'm have having all kinds of trouble the person that had it before me just doctor it up both hand brakes been by pass and the start button and light switches is not on it but I have got a push button now I got a new battery and hook it and New carburetor and put on it when started it up carburetor was pouring gas out and from the floats bowl line and I only let it run about 3 minutes cut it off when to started it back my battery was dead so I changed it up again last night when out this morning and when hook up battery when touch hot post it's trying to started up even with the fuse out to and switch off???? Sorry for writing a book
  3. Like to say hello and hope everyone had a great Christmas an New Year I was wounding if anyone could help me with a service manual for a 2005 Polaris Phoenix 200 if could thank yall so much

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