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  2. Hey guys!! So it’s been a bout a week or so, I replaced the ignition fuse and seemed to fix the problem, rode it couple times for 10 min or so and then today I’m using it to plow, been running for 2 hours plus and I blew another ignition fuse, replaced that one and prob 5 min later blew another one. Does anyone have a idea of why I keep blowing a ignition fuse!!? Could it be the starter going out? 04 arctic cat 500 4x4. Thanks and let me know what you think
  3. Ended up replacing the relays and the ignition fuse and it seems to have fixed the issue. Over thought a simple solution.
  4. Hey Guys, I have a 2004 arctic cat 500. Having a problem with it and can’t find anything out. I rode it for couple hours, ran fine had no problems, turned it off for about 30min then went out started it, backed it out of the garage and as I let off the throttle to shift into High it died. Lights come on, the dash display light is on but it doesn’t show what gear, miles, hours, or how fast I’m going. It all disappeared but battery is still strong. I click the starter button and it doesn’t do anything, not even a click. It turns over when I pull start it but doesn’t start. Does anyone have any idea what to look for or anything? I could use the help, thanks guys!

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