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  1. I hope so too, in the middle of a big snow storm right now, second one this week, have to use the snowblower again.
  2. got spark, that plug is a bitch to just get at let alone taking it out. I did remember one thing about the starting procedure on this quad. When I turn the key I can hear something running for a few seconds then it stops. Then turn the key farther to start. Now I don't hear anything when I turn the key.
  3. Thanks again for the help. Got some fishing to do yet this year and have a sled to use for that. I'll play with it.
  4. things aren't going good. tried every one of the tips on the vid's, some with the engine running. the only one that did anything was holding the yellow button in and turning the key on, I was able to scroll through some things but never getting any fault codes. Then the battery light started blinking so I put a charger on it, and left it for a few hours. Tried again with same results. Tried to start it and it would only turn over, no fire.
  5. checked the oil level yesterday, it was full, check engine light staying on constantly now. Thanks for the help
  6. I bought a 2006 sportsman 500 efi last november and have used it plowing my driveway, the plow was put on after I bougnt it. it has 400 miles on it, everything has been working fine until the last time it snowed. About half way through plowing the "check engine" light came on for a little while, then went out. It came on again before I was done plowing, and went out before I put it in the garage. Today I tried to do a diagnostic check. I turned the ignition on like the manual said to do, and the check engine icon was on then, The manual says that the word "WAIT" will appear on the screen, it didn't. I tried again, turning the key on and off 3 times in less than 5 seconds, and would again no WAIT word. I'm following the instructions in the 2006 Sportman 500 EFI owners manual addendum p/n 9920595. Any idea what it could be? Thanks

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