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  2. Thank you Ajmboy, and davefrombc.!. It s a pain to steer, and is unpredictable. When I was buying the quad, the seller told me to just flip them around, and I tried that. Yes the fronts are now not as wide as the rears but the valve tube would then hit the caliper, so that will not work. I do not see a hole on the opposite end of the wheel so that I can mount them the opposite of what they are. Is there a size, or off set the I want to in a wheel to get me back to normal land.
  3. Ok, gotcha should I look into getting the fronts to be not wider than the rears, it’s a bit scary on and off loading, and at this time the ride is a bit unpredictable. thank you for your repy
  4. So I recently bought this quad, replaced the carb added a twist throttle and it runs very well. I took it to the power lines up the street and plenty of power it pulled the front up in the grass shifting into 3rd. Ok great but the front tires are worn and the rears are fantastic. The tears are Doro AT 22 x11x9 the wheels say DID 9x8 AT 1 06. The front tires are Ohtsu radial h teak mr 101 at 22x710. No stamps on the wheels. The fronts outer edge to OE measure 47.5 and the tears are 46” to the outer edge. I think I may prefer the fronts to not be so wide. I kinda remember that on some friends quads I have ridden. I did take it to a tight 1st sometimes 2nd spot with some crazy mud holes and the rears were very impressive. The fronts slid around on dry rooted rocky terrain. Oh and I bent a steering arm on the way out of there. I flipped the fronts around to not be as wide but the schraeder tube would have gotten lopped off by the caliper. There is not a hole for the tube on the other side of the wheel. I know wider is more stable but it’s also sketchy getting the quad up and down the aluminum folding ramp with the wider front tires. I know that I want new front tires, and would greatly appreciate some opinions from you Quadcrazies out there. By the way most of the riding will be on a mountain with tight trails puddles big rocks and bigger cliffs...

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