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  2. Parts ordered they ship Tuesday so I should have it back together the night they show up at my door
  3. New problem..... so I got it back together and running.... but when I go to put it in gear it jerks forward and dies. ALso has a weird knocking noise coming from the right side of the motor.... I haven’t done any troubleshooting but thinking my wet clutch may have shit the bed too.... any thoughts?
  4. Update!!!! New CPK and stator did the trick! Fired right up tonight once I got it back together
  5. It passed the ohms test had 191.... but when cranking I didn’t get any voltage (weird since when I started this I had fuel and spark) so the manual say replace it... which in turn comes with the stator. If I remember correctly it should have had 3-5 volts while cranking off the blue or white wire like I said I don’t exactly remember and this thing has been pissing me off for a few days now.... haha
  6. Update.... I troubleshoot it down to the CKP sensor/ stator coil.... so I ordered a new one and hopefully that fixes the issue... fingers crossed
  7. Hey guys.... I’m new to this atv mechanicing and replaced the stator and oil pump chain in my 05 king quad 700 and now the damn thing won’t start... all the timing marks appear to be right on... put a new woodruff key in when I pulled the old rotor (flywheel) off.... I don’t get why it won’t start.... any suggestions? Got plenty of fuel and good spark too

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