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  1. my float is plastic,, no adjustment... if I open my drain screw, it will definatly run out faster than it could use it.. so plenty is getting to the bowl... and usually if its ignition related,,, i should hear some form of misfire or something... this thing runs like a top!.... i have had some issues with my starter valve hanging up... but while i was cleaning the carb,, i sprayed it also, (the valve and the bore) now it works as should...what a puzzle aye?... air, fire, fuel.. ... i know im getting air.... i know im getting fuel to the bowl... clean carb, jets all are open... could a rev limiter malfunction and cause total shutdown of the spark?.. im yet to use the timing light to see if its still has fire when it shuts off... sure im not the first one this has happend to... hope someone could give definite answer...i will be sure to post update if I find it...
  2. This will happen soon as I leave (cold engine) or if I ride all day beforehand. Never happens less than 3/4 throttle,,, is why I think its fuel related... fuel means carb,, (cleaned twice)... no change... even thought it could be running super rich, where the fuel flow couldn't keep up... exactly what it acts like.. runs our of gas.. but I have cleaned the tank, even took the line off the carb and watched the tank empty its self via petcock... steady stream the whole time... i dunno.. guess ill just have to live with it... all should be fine unless I get into a police chase, as its illegal to ride on the road here... just aggravating as heck....
  3. sounds like float is stuck.. has to be carb issue.. right?
  4. I have a 1996 trx300fw.... runs great, except if I run it very long 3/4 or WOT it will shut off for 2-3 seconds, then catch its breath and keep going for another 10-15 seconds, then shut off or 2 seconds,, over and over...... I have cleaned the carb, and my gas flow is good... happens whether gas is on.. or is on reserve.... thought it was the rev limiter, but I get told that the rev limiter will not shut the engine down.. just won't go above 6k rpm... really scratching my head on this.. any ideas?..... i can run wot for short bursts.. just not prolonged high speed without the shutdown...

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