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  1. i was wondering if the honda rancher 420 4x4 has a torsen differential or a torque sensing differential or is it just the standard "open" differential.
  2. i have an 07 honda fourtrax rancher 420 4x4 and i was wondering if i could spin and clear 27'' tires i mean first gear is really low.
  3. i just got a 07 honda racher 420 4x4 manual and i was wonder wut the biggest tire that can fit on there stock?
  4. il probably put 10s all the way around so i can mud better, but it will make life harder while trail riding because there is less stability like u said but do u think my atv will bog down in deep mud witt 26s.
  5. how wide front and back........12 in back and 9 0r 10 in front, or wut
  6. i have an itp clutch kit and maybe 25s or 26in outlaws.
  7. well i like to mud the most but i also trail ride. but in sense that i have a clutch kit do u think i can ride some outlaws cause wit that clutch kit it seems like i have a low range on my atv. and i probably get a k&n air filter and pre filter that will help out somemore.
  8. i already have installed a clutch kit for it and now that i got it in propperly it helps a buch it no longer bogs down in deep mud wit 26'' stock polaris sportsman tires. but i don't have a k and n power kit my dad doesnt think an air filter or rejetting will make a difference i bought the clutch kit my self
  9. does anybody know a spray on liquid that will waterproof all of your wires, connection ect.
  10. well on the ag tire page iit sais they are very good self cleaning and very good in wet muddy conditions like on rice patty fields i have a yamaha bruin 350 4x4
  11. i could either get that or 10'' wide outlaws
  12. well i have some pretty good mud tires now its just i have a 350 and most of the top brand name mud tires like vampires, mud machines ect... there to wide and it tskes a lot of power to spin them when there in nasty gumbo, the agricultural tires are thin but still have some very nice tread to get me through it.
  13. Im looking to buy the itp ag tire kit. the tire has 2'' lugs and the dimensions are 27/7/14, i was wondering if that kit would be good fo the deep gumbo mud. i would thing that it would because its thin and would sink to the bottom then grab.

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