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  1. A lot of mine depends on how long I plan to ride. For the longest I carry: Polaris tool kit Extra Plug Extra Drive Belt Bottle of Slime 12v Air Compressor Tire Plugs Large Tow Strap Med First Aid Kit Extra Gloves 3D Maglight Binoculars Emergency Poncho Water & Gatoraid Folding Shovel Camp Hatchet Large Leatherman Plenty of Smokes Two Lighters Ratchet Straps Bungies Camera 1 Gallon Gas Can Cell Phone Handheld GPS Ya'll gave me a few new items that will be added before the next long trip.
  2. I hear ya. Someone snagged my ramps two weekends ago on the Canadian River. Alone, at night, with no way to put the quad in the truck.
  3. What a great retro looking jeep! I'd hate to take it out and get it scratched up.
  4. Thanks! Here's the other end. Sometimes it's a toss up to take the quad or the truck up the creek.
  5. Have just been putting mine in the truck, but makes loading for camping trips and such super tight. Hoping to get a small trailer this summer. The "why" is because I don't have anything else. lol

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