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  1. LOL. Ok now that I've taken my Ridlon, I'll settle down. Yup and my absentee is already sent in. Some of the things Senator Obama mentions sound pretty good actually but I do have my differences. 1. It's a personnal thing...against attorneys, Republican and Democrats. It sucks that they're usually the only ones who know the system well enough and how to manipulate it. I haven't researched it but I wonder how many of our past presidents were attorneys. Bush was one and now we have Obama and his wife. 2. Also personal. How can we have a commander in chief who has never served? Oh I know it happens all the time but I still don't understand it. Of course it doesn't mean anyone in the service has all the answers and I should admit that a breath of fresh air just might be good at times. 3. Socialism works ok when there is someone protecting the world. But when that country converts then who keeps the rogue nations at bay? I for one don't want to pay for someone who sits on their butts expecting a hand out from those who are busting theirs. I have no problem helping those who are honestly trying or helping in medical issues for the same. But paying for some crackhead who OD'd or gets shot while stealing from a good citizen just ain't in my plan. These are to the extremes of course and I'm spouting my fury. Flip side: I don't think we need to destroy everything on the planet to make a buck and we do need to work on this global warming issue. Hmmm a nuclear powered ATV? I've been on plenty of nuke warships and other than planned drills, never an issue. I came real close to voting for Kerry in 2004 after taking an environmental science class but then just couldn't vote for him. Religion. Ok I'm not there so there totally but I do have my beliefs. Both sides have pros and cons. I better stop here cuz I'm getting on my soapbox and just needed to list who I voted for. I too wish there was someone I could vote for who I could really get behind. This time around I'll have to go with McCain/Palin. Just can't figure out who is hotter. Palin or Tina Faye. LOL To those voting for Obama I am relaxing a little bit and can understand your preference. He is very intelligent and a great speaker. If he becomes president I hope he does a great job...we need it. But it's all a popularity contest anyway and the president has little real power. My concern is with Congress. Sorry to rant. Cya
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh I totally agree! I HATE that traitorous B%^&H. She and Reed should be put in jail or executed, along with Obama for even trying to discuss events in Iraq with their leader. I guess I don't understand politics. I thought that was the Presidents job or his appointed person. My anti-liberalism is coming out. This is not a good topic to talk about when we are friends talking about riding. But I guess since we're out burning fuel and riding the trails in America, most are to the right than to the left. I don't mean to hate liberals...I just do. Sorry to offend anyone with my rant and maybe after this election is over I'll back down a bit.
  3. Welcome Bren. Hope you find some great ideas here. Looks like an excellent site.
  4. Good idea. Signatures are a good thing. I just go too far listing everything. Probably used to the other forums I visit. :willy_nillyc:
  5. Howdy Gents, Thank you for the welcome aboard! Won't be to BV until the 23rd of Sept. Gotta get my ride all squared away since it hasn't been started since Oct 07. Hope to see you there. I'll check with Prime and see who he works for. My camp is pretty close to his so we'll see how it works out. He could still be ACDU at 43. Enjoy, and thanks again. Out
  6. Hola everyone! Newbie to the site and I guess riding quads since I probably forgot how! LOL Well lets just say I'm not as good as most of you are. But looking forward to going to Buena Vista this year and just booked a room and the event. Grew up in Western Colorado (Montrose)... well kinda I guess. Dad worked construction and we moved arouond a bit but at least I graduated HS from there. Looking forward to checking out the colors again. Retired Navy but still wanted to travel the globe so I came back for more. Post retirement I worked for UPRR in OR, UT, Elko NV and then Pocatello Idaho...all in 3 yrs so I have wandering feet. To people from those areas I send my hellos...and other areas of course. As you can see my by page, I don't take enough time to ride but will do what I can. Sucks that I have to swap a battery out on basically a new ride but it is 3 yrs old and who wants to get stranded. Well end of shift so gotta go for now. Peace out and ride safe. Those going to BV, see ya there. Wayno

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