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  1. thank you for the reply's , i've adjusied the air mixture screw , checked the float, an the spark plug , everything looks fine , i've spent a lot of time taking this thing apart an adjusting , i'm not a schooled mechanic but i have 50 years exp. of working on my own trucks boats an tractors an yes atv's , this one seems to be beyond my knowledge, it doesent make any sense. i've went over everything , looked for air leaks in the intake i put a new no-toil air filter in , changed the plug again just make sure, could it possibly be a problem with the oil pump? i dont know how to check it on this machine
  2. hello everyone , i bought a suzuki 500 quadmaster 2 years ago , it wasent running , the guy said he an his dad broke the choke cable attempting to take carb apart so he just put it in the shed , i got it an rebuilt the carb put new choke cable , battery , spark plug , petcock , air filter , changed oil , after some adjustments got it running like a new one , at the end of spring this year i got on it to go for a ride , after about 2 minutes it stalled running real rough an backfirering , an woulnt move , but at idle it runs fine , so i put a new carb on it , same thing runs fine for about a minute then sputters an backfires , i took the new carb back off an cleaned an put the factory carb back on , i check the petcock , it was brand new an i cleaned the tank thougholy when i put it in , everything still looked fine , checked the air filter , it still looked fine, also checked the sparkplug , back in may i took everything apart ,"again" cleaned it put it back together , didnt put any gas back in it an gave up on it , just recently my grandson wanted to look at it so i put some gas in it , it fired right up but same thing after a minute sputters an backfire , i'm at my wits end , i posted my problem on here before an tried everything i got in the responses , any help would be so greatly appreciated, thank you for your time in reading this rediculously long post
  3. paul d

    paul d

  4. I have a '01 500 quad master , i rebuilt the carb last spring an it ran great til 2 weeks ago now when i start it up runs great for about 2 minutes then it stalls sputters an backfires an when its in gear it wont move , but at idle it runs fine , i took the carb off took it apart an everything looked ok , blew it with the air nozzle put it back together an it didn't help it, I'm going to order another rebuild kit, any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated , thank you
  5. thanks so much for the input , a couple times moveing that clip an some adjustment on the air jet ,got it running like a new one , well worth the $700 total i got in it , again thank you
  6. thank you for the reply , i'll try that , i'm going to take it apart one more time , a friend stopped by while i was working with it an he said it sounded like it was running to rich , this is my first atv an not sure how to adjust it , the only adjusting on the houseing is the air an idle , thanks again
  7. hello , new member here , i bought a 500 quadmaster that had sat in a shed for 4 years the guy said he just parked it when it quit running at just over 2000 miles , he said he an his dad tried cleaning the carb an they messed it up an quit on it , i cleaned the gas tank an put new petcock on it , bought a carb kit an cleaned the carb ( made it look like a new one ) the tank also , well i put in the new kit adjusted the air jet 2 1/4 turns out , new choke cable , new battery , new spark plug , when i got it back together it started right up did'nt even have to use the choke , i got on it an went down the road after half throttle it runs super ruff , i took it all apart again thinking i did something wrong , followed a diagram putting it back together again only to get the same results , an when its cold you dont ever have to use the choke it always starts right up , any ideas on what to look for would be greatly appriciated , i live in the mountains an any repair shop is over an hour away an the cost per hour is riddiculous , thank you for taking time to read , almost at wits end

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