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  1. HA HA!!! Got it! Stock main jet is 110. Bought a 5$ 112.5 main jet, PROBLEM SOLVED. RUNS AWESOME.
  2. It idles great. It runs up to half throttle great, beyond that it wants to bogg down???
  3. Seems to be not getting enough gas past half throttle. Should i go up 1 size on main jet? Please help.
  4. Air filter brand new. Aftermarket carb. Trying to replace stock Mikuni. Slide needle and brass mating tube wore out. I just installd carb. Backed out air fuel screw 2 turns and fired it up. It seems to lose power on top end. Like its hitting a rev limitter. Then backfires on way back down thru rpm's.???
  5. Bought brand new petcock and carbetator, turned air fuel needle out 2 turns and machine still acts like its starving 4 fuel on top end. Any ideas?

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