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  1. Good morning! I have a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4X4 and I need to rebuild the carb. I have the dual-cable throttle model and I'm having a terrible time finding the correct kit for it. I'm not opposed to replacing it, but the only ones I'm seeing do not have the dual cable throttle system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay in WI P.S. I can send pictures if necessary.
  2. I got it! It did go in that pocket in the cylinder head. MarkinAR commented that you just need to keep lifting the cylinder head up and down until that guide sits in the correct position and then everything fits together. Wow, what a relief!! Thanks to everyone for their input, Jay
  3. So, should it go into that pocket just underneath/behind it?
  4. Here are two pictures. If you look at the lower left corner of the sprocket (I know that circles don't have corners), you'll see the top of the black chain guide. Is it suppose to tuck into that little "pocket" in the cylinder head? I tried that once, but then the cylinder head wouldn't seat. What do you all think? Thanks!
  5. I was able to open the exploded view, but I already had that diagram. Thanks for replying though. Jay
  6. OK. I'll post some pictures after work tonight. Thanks for replying. Jay
  7. Yes. That's not the issue, but thanks for your reply.
  8. Looking for a guru to help me get the top end back together. I'm stumped!! There seems to be an issue with the removable chain guide on the left hand side. In its current position (which is probably incorrect) there's not enough clearance to get the chain on the sprocket and be able to line up the timing. Does the guide rest on the side or is it supposed to be in the notch underneath? I have a manual, but it doesn't show the correct positioning on that guide. I tried to fit it in the notch, but then the cylinder head doesn't seem to seat properly. Let me know if you need pictures. Any help (and pictures) you able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Jay in WI


  10. Hi everyone! I'm rebuilding a 1990 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4X4 and have been searching for replacement parts. Does anyone know what model years use the same parts? I'm looking for the fender-mounted shifting assembly. I've found a couple on eBay from other model years, but the sellers aren't able to tell me if they'll fit mine. My VIN is: JY43HNW03L0024756 Thanks in advance, Jay in Wisconsin

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