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  2. Oh, just remembered that another friend has a 1993 (I think) King Quad 300 4WD that he's been using for parts. Can't remember if he still has the jug and piston from that thing. I know that there's not many differences between the 250 and 300, but also not sure what can be swapped over either
  3. Not sure, but that's a good question too. Haven't looked into that option at all, since we just presumed that the jug swap would be much less involved.
  4. Hey there, new to the forum. Did some searching before posting but didn't manage to find anything, so forgive me if it's been covered before. I've got a 1990 Quadrunner LT4WD that I got my hands on last year for super cheap (for a reason). It starts and runs great, but the plug is drowned with oil after about a half hour of use (surprisingly next to no smoke though...weird), so I'm going to look at replacing the piston, rings (one of which came out in two pieces) and the cylinder (very little scoring, but definitely saw some bad detonation at some point and needs replacing). The connecting rod thankfully has zero play in it and is silky smooth, so I'm good with how the bottom end sits at this point. Now, a friend has a 2002 Quadrunner 4WD LT-250F that's out of commission due to basically everything other than engine issues, and has been sitting around for a few years. He says that I can just take what I need if they'll work, so I've been looking at the part numbers before we rip on his motor. I see that the part number for the cylinder is the same (11210-19B10-0F0), but the newer models have either "Model K1" or "Model K2" listed as well. Will they work with the older machines or are there a couple little things that just don't let them jive?

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