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  2. Well I had voltage to the ignition the first time I checked it, after pullingon the harness to find a short I didn’t have voltage the second time I checked. There was indeed a short somewhere going to ignition. Instead of pulling everything thing apart I just tapped into the power for the ignition from the 12v accessory plug next to it. I just tied power into it and fired right up.
  3. Thanks Mike! I’ll dig into it this weekend and let you know
  4. Well...new ignition didn’t do the trick. I’m not sure where to go from here
  5. I ordered a new ignition for it. All connections were good, wiring looked good and I had voltage all the way up to the ignition but no juice once I turned key on. I’ll post an update once it comes in, thanks guys!!
  6. There is a main fuse under the seat, it’s good. Battery cables are good and tight with no corrosion. Took off ground wire from frame and took wire brush to it and frame thinking it could be a bad ground. Solid connection there too.
  7. Hello all! I have a 07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic, I went riding a couple weeks ago and it ran perfect. I parked it and it sat, I went to fire it up yesterday and I have no power. No lights, dash, nothing at all! The battery is fully charged and fuses are fine, it turns over when i jump the solenoid but wont start because no power. any ideas would be appreciated

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