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  1. the spark plug i removed was dark brown and the new one that I just put in and took out and looked at was black. I took a metal brush to it and put it back in. I guess the black color is from miss firing????
  2. thanks guys for all your help. I looked at the fitting and it doesnt have any thread on it so maybe it just broke off in there. I guess I could try to get another one and push in...I did notice today that the plastic thing that conects the lanyard is broken and hanging down... I am going to try to mess with that in a while...great advice...
  3. My son has a yamaha raptor yfm50rt. It is idling fine, but when I put it in gear and give it gas it seems to loose power and die. I changed the oil, new spark plug and took off something to do with the fuel before it goes to the motor. i cleanded the air filter and thought about the carbuator but wasnt for sure I have the manual and read it,, but it says it may be a clogged fuel cog...but it doesnt say where that is. And I was putting grease in the fittings where the front pivots and the fitting fell off. Does anyone have a good idea on how to put that back on. I have a little common sense about motors but limited...pretty good for the mom... thanks for any help..

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