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    Alvyn Evans

  2. Yes but the Spanish Itv laws say it’s inadiuate and will not pass Itv it’s frustrating I’m stuck with a perfectly good quad that cannot be classed as road legal when it’s been allowed since new 2004
  3. Hallo I’m no David Bailey hope these will help thank you Alvyn
  4. Hello yes apparently it’s a Chinese make it’s very similar to this one , the problem I am having is I bought it a couple of years ago with a current Itv left in garage until this year cleaned it up and it works great went to the itv station yesterday they would not pass it because they say there is no hand brake on it and I need to have a separate hand brake fitted , so I went to two large quad distributors here in San Javier and was told it has a hand break and it is working fine they say there is no way to add anther brake system to the quad can you advise please
  5. Hi looking for any advice on a Apache Rlx 250 cc 2004 road legal Quad I have bought one mint condition will not pass mot due to no hand brake fitted on the quad cam I get one fitted and any idea how much please

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