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  1. Alright Shane and Kent! Great job everyone . This is the reason for sites like these . Bunch of helpful, like minded individuals all pitching in to get a bike running. Joseph, you are more than welcome buddy. I can't count how many bikes, trikes , quads , or scooters other gentlemen like Shane or Kent have brought back to life for me . Cheers to my fellow members! I LuV iT!
  2. Don't worry brother , youre doing just fine ...well get it running .... Are you saying that the Current needle on the bike is Longer than normal ? If that is the case , I would ask if you NEED to ,meaning every cold start , start the bike with or without the choke currently? If you don't use the choke and it starts and idles , then dies when throttle is applied , then we need to get it to NEED the choke on cold starts. Once you reply ; we can go through dropping or raising the needle in tandem with your idle and/or air/fuel screw . Just Fyi , Suzuki chokes are not chokes but Enriching circuits be it air or fuel.
  3. I can tell you what the problem is Guaranteed!. So please attempt to try my option out . Every single Suzuki I have ever owned has done the exact same thing . Suzuki are cold hearted women . PERIOD. So what you do is start it with the choke on . Leave the choke on for a while. After about 5 or 10 minutes , the engine will start to Rev and Rev and Rev until it's almost redlining. Then and only then take or turn your choke off . If it's a lever that you pull up , you may have to lightly tap it down a hair at a time . Like tap , revs lower but stays running , tap again , lowers Rev etc. Until it's off and it stays running and idles with no choke or throttle . Then you can take off , shifting and giving it throttle . If the doing the steps does not allow it to idle on its own , adjust your idle screw so it does. Suzuki carbs are ULTRA ULTRA sensitive with this adjustment , so it may not run with a quarter turn left or right , but it will at an Eighth of a turn . So don't give up , it just takes a while , but once you get that idle screw perfect, Don't ever touch it again EVER. Then you only have to deal with the choke. This is the way all Suzukis are engineered to work . Trust me . Although every post on here has good intentions , I guarantee you success . Good luck my brother.

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